10 Free Great Learning Apps

We’re not necessarily saying these are the 10 best free iPad apps for students and teachers.

Though they could be.

These are 10 excellent apps that are worth your looking into:

  1. Edmodo … Teachers and students stay connected and share information
  2. Quick Graph … Ditch the Texas Instruments dinosaur and use this graphic calculator
  3. Evernote … Widely used app for note taking and syncing across devices – if you have a 1:1 digital device program at your school Evernote could be the student note-taking method of choice
  4. 3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool … Excellent for exploring the make-up of a cell in biology class
  5. Socrative … Check for student understanding in real-time using games and quizzes
  6. ScreenChomp … Create and expand upon tricky lessons
  7. Educreations Interactive Whiteboard … Turn your iPad into a recordable whiteboard
  8. Democracrynow! … Discuss alternative news in social studies
  9. Google Translate … Translate words and phrases into 60 languages
  10. Exit Ticket … We haven’t used it as it comes to market in August but digitizing exit tickets has great potential

Here are some additional apps worth exploring – for a price:

  • Brainpop … New animated movie daily for elementary and middle school … free access, requires subscription
  • My Editing Buddy … Peer editing and writing for elementary students ($0.99)
  • Infinote … Organizing to-do lists and your life ($2.99)
  • Frog Dissection … Greener alternative for teaching dissection in the classroom ($3.99)
  • GoodReader … Read and annotate many types of files ($4.99)
  • Machinarium … Animated puzzle game that is a good child/parent activity (does not work on iPad1) ($4.99)
  • Bobo Explores Light … Stunning app about the exploration and understanding of light ($4.99)
  • Intro to Math … For preschoolers and early elementary ($4.99)
  • eClicker … Teachers check for understanding … pricey at $14.99 but worth it because that’s one price for the entire classroom of iPads