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The Learning Collective provides strategic planning and evaluation services for charter schools, charter management organizations, charter authorizers, traditional public schools, school districts, state departments of education and state boards of education.


Launched in 2003 and working in over 10 states, The Learning Collective’s clients past and present include Academy of the City, Beginning with Children Foundation, Bright Star Schools, CCCS independent study schools, Central Michigan University, Charter School of Inquiry, Charter Schools Institute of the State University of New York, Chicago Public Schools’ Office of Innovation and Incubation, Class Measures, College Board, Discovery Charter School, Education Achievement Authority of Michigan, E.L. Haynes Public Charter School, Indiana Charter School Board, Inglewood Unified School District, Jefferson Parrish Public School System, Ketchum, Kingsmead College, LA’s Promise, NACSA, National Charter Schools Institute, Nevada Public Charter School Authority, New Jersey Department of Education, New Orleans Public Schools, New York State Education Department, Oakland Unified School District, Oklahoma Public School Resource Center, Palm Lane Elementary Charter School, Parent Revolution, Pomona Unified School District, PUC, Scholarship Prep, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, SchoolWorks, The TASA Group, Tennessee State Board of Education, Texas Legislative Budget Board, Tiger Woods Learning Center, UCLA, Voices Academies, Washington State Charter School Commission, WISH Secondary and others.


Founder, CEO

Adam is the CEO and Founder of The Learning Collective. Over the past 19 years, Adam has assessed over 250 current, and 100 proposed, charter schools nationally (California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York and Washington), including lead writer for charter renewal inspection visits, charged with evaluating the school and writing the report that is submitted to authorizers. During every school visit, Adam evaluates the effectiveness of charter schools on a wide range of issues. The range of issues includes schools’ use of assessment data, curricular development and alignment with the Common Core, instructional leadership and staff evaluations, classroom instruction, professional development, board governance, parental involvement and school finances. Adam has led teams of reviewers of charter school applications, submitting the finalized application reviews to boards of education. Adam worked with the Tennessee State Board of Education to lead its strategic planning and goal-setting process AND is currently leading the New Orleans Public Schools charter application evaluation process. Adam has also worked with the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) and other organizations on evaluation and strategic planning projects regarding Florida, Idaho, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma and Ohio authorizers. Previously, Adam was the Director of Global Digital Strategy for Ashoka’s Youth Venture, which helps teams of youth internationally launch socially responsible businesses and organizations. Prior to Ashoka, Adam was the Executive Director and Founder (and currently Board Member Emeritus) of icouldbe.org, the non-profit Internet-based career mentoring program that has served over 25,000 teens and e-mentors nationwide. Before establishing icouldbe.org, Adam was a Regional Coordinator for the New York City Department of Education. Adam began his career in education as a Spanish bilingual public school teacher in Los Angeles. Adam received a B.A. from Vassar College and a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. A frequent speaker at conferences, Adam has also won numerous awards including Cause Marketing Silver Halo Award for Best Use of Social Media and International Computerworld Magazine Honors Finalist Award. Adam and his family are based in Los Angeles.



Erin has worked in a multitude of capacities in the education field and served in roles focused on survey development, data analytics and visualization, research, board development, compliance and policy analysis. Erin has a passion for ensuring all students are set up to reach their full potential and believes that this can only happen when leaders from all levels can continually evaluate systems and programs intended to foster student success. Erin worked with the State Board of Education in Tennessee on a then new legislative initiative to collect public feedback on the K-12 English and mathematics standards. This work ultimately led to the creation of a new set of standards implemented across the state. She went on to lead several similar projects in other states to adjust learning targets to meet student needs. Erin has held several roles in the charter sector in both Tennessee and Michigan. She has expertise in charter authorization and laws that impact charters and networks. Erin began her career teaching in the Chicago Public School district. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary Education from Michigan State University and a Master in Public Policy from Vanderbilt University with a focus on K-12 education policy. Erin is currently based in Chicago.

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Dr. Cherie Goins is widely recognized for her work supporting and developing exceptional teachers, support staff, and school and district leaders. Her research and expertise encompass a diverse range of topics, from innovative instructional methodologies to inclusive educational practices, and from reflective curriculum design to fostering transformative development in students of all ages. Recognizing the importance of inclusion and empowerment, she has collaboratively designed and delivered dynamic training programs that not only equip educators with the latest pedagogical tools but also empower them to become agents of change within their respective communities. As a facilitator of transformative development, she has worked closely with schools and districts to implement progressive frameworks that elevate teaching and learning to unprecedented heights. Collaborating with educators and leaders nationwide, she has facilitated dialogue that promotes diversity, inclusivity and mutual understanding. Dr. Goins founded a 501(c)(3) organization that provides seed funding and direct support services to small businesses and nonprofits. Dr. Goins earned her Ph.D. in Education in 2018 from the University of New Orleans.



Wanda Guillaume, M.Ed., is a passionate educator with a wealth of experience in public education who began her career over 25 years ago as a second-grade teacher. She provides instruction and leadership coaching to schools and districts throughout the United States. She has evaluated charter school applications and submitted finalized reviews to boards of education. She was instrumental in developing and designing the Charter School Compact for the largest school district in Louisiana. Wanda is a strong advocate for high-quality teaching and learning. She has conducted needs assessments and school quality reviews to determine school effectiveness in the areas of academics and operations. Her work includes coaching Charter School grantees with the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) and Goodwill Industries. She also facilitates professional learning in the areas of rigorous curriculum design, social and emotional learning, data teams and customized approaches to improving teacher and leader effectiveness. In addition, she develops and designs eLearning courses to support college and university advisors. Prior to becoming an education consultant and leadership coach, Wanda served as the Chief Academic Officer of the Louisiana Recovery School District where she was instrumental in creating an ecosystem for innovation and establishing high-quality standards to ensure the success of students, teachers, and school leaders. She is the author of the book “Lead with Compassion” and is currently working on a children’s book. Wanda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Loyola University, a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, and plus thirty in Educational Administration from the University of New Orleans. She holds certifications in the areas of teaching, administration and district superintendent. Wanda is based in New Orleans.



Dr. Hillary Johnson is a committed educator who began her career in education over 20 years ago via Teach For America as a Spanish-bilingual and Reading Recovery teacher. Most recently, Hillary served as the Chief Academic Officer/Chief Learning Officer for Citizens of the World Charter Schools, a national network of intentionally diverse charter schools. As the founding CAO, she crafted a compelling and inspiring academic vision while strengthening the network’s capacity for organizational learning. Following the start-up phase, she founded the Chief Learning Officer role, with a focus on teaching for understanding, social emotional learning and cultivation of a learning organization. Hillary has assessed over 65 current and proposed schools nationally (in California, Louisiana, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania), including participating on many SUNY school visit renewal teams. She has evaluated the effectiveness of schools on issues including schools’ use of assessment data, curricular development and alignment, instructional leadership, classroom instruction, professional development, governance and parental involvement. Hillary earned her doctorate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education as a member of its Urban Superintendents Program. Hillary is based in Los Angeles.


Amber Leage, M.Ed,. provides strategic planning, program development, and writing services to schools throughout the United States and abroad. She has been an educator for 14 years, serving in various roles including consultant, school leader, IB coordinator, school evaluator, literacy specialist, and teacher. She has served as an educator and instructional leader in inner-city public, charter, bilingual, private, and international schools. Her work includes leading professional development, school reviews, and facilitating school improvement in South America, Central America, and the Middle East. As a school leader her work led to three schools adopting the International Baccalaureate model, establishing a university partnership, and consulted schools in creating school improvement plans, adopting of a new mission, establishing data-informed instructional programs, project-based learning, Reader and Writer’s workshops and the Common Core. She graduated from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. She has earned a Masters in Educational Leadership from Concordia University, and holds both a teaching credential and administrative credential. Amber is based in Oakland, CA.

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.



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