Half-Day Strategic Planning Most Valuable

Through the California Department of Education’s Public Charter Schools Grant Program, The Learning Collective has conducted external reviews of 27 charter schools with another 5 reviews planned for Fall 2017. Going beyond the requirements by the California Department of Education, we have added a half-day strategic planning session which has proven to be invaluable to the schools. Watch these video testimonials from principals.

The Learning Collective’s external review process consists of a 2.5 day on-site review; two days of information gathering (classroom observations with instructional leaders, administrator and teacher interviews, document review) and a 1/2 day strategic planning session (in which TLC presents the findings from the previous two days and a team from the school prioritizes next steps stemming from the findings). TLC then follows up the on-site visit with a written report (sent to the school) one week after the visit.

Between 2015-2017, TLC conducted Public Charter Schools Grant Program external reviews at the following charter schools:

  • Arts in Action (L.A.)
  • Aspen (Fresno)
  • Beacon Classical (National City)
  • Bright Star Valor (L.A.)
  • Castlemont (Oakland)
  • CCCS
  • City Language Immersion (L.A.)
  • Community Montessori (Escondido)
  • Elevate (San Diego)
  • Empowering Possibilities International (Sacramento)
  • Francophone (Oakland)
  • Gateway International (Sacramento)
  • GOALS (Anaheim)
  • Golden Valley (Folsom)
  • Highland Academy (Beaumont)
  • Kairos (Vacaville)
  • Kepler Neighborhood (Fresno)
  • L.A. Promise Middle (L.A.)
  • Libertas College Prep (L.A.)
  • Metro Charter (L.A.)
  • New School (San Francisco)
  • One Purpose (San Francisco)
  • Prepa Tec (L.A.)
  • PUC Community (L.A.)
  • PUC Inspire (L.A.)
  • Rising Sun (Sacramento)
  • Roses in Concrete (Oakland)
  • Summit Prep (L.A.)
  • U Prep (L.A.)
  • Voices Morgan Hill (Morgan Hill)
  • Voices Mt. Pleasant (San Jose)
  • WISH (L.A.)

Of the 2.5 day review, our experience suggests principals and instructional leaders – as well teacher and other participants in the strategic planning session – find the strategic planning session to be the most beneficial element of the review. Each strategic planning session produces 1-2 SMART goals, with detailed action steps and timelines and individuals responsible for carrying out those action steps, that the school will meet in the subsequent 3-6 months.