Helping Found Coalition of Public Independent Charter Schools

For the past few months, The Learning Collective has been actively participating on the National Coordinating Committee to create the Coalition of Public Independent Charter Schools (CPICS). CPICS is focused on shaping practices, informing policies and increasing collaboration of independent charter schools across the country!

Spearheaded by C3S and the Independent Charter School Symposium C3S put on last year, The Learning Collective and other educators from around the country determined there was a need to better represent the needs of independent charter schools.

CPICS is a membership organization that focuses on single site charters (“indies”) that are autonomous. 60% of chartered schools are community based, independent self-managed schools. Yet many Americans hear the phrase “Charter School” and think of big networks. These networks outpace independent charters in terms of funding and political clout. The Coalition focuses on advocating for state and federal policies that protect indies and also supports indies with resources, information and services. Learn more about the focus and strategies here.

The Learning Collective is glad to have the opportunity to play a role in this important new initiative!