Location (Map) Based Social Network

A simple overview of social mapping along with a listing of  some mapping sites and
A Location or Map-Based Social Network’s is a real-time representation of social network nodes via a map interface. This environment dynamically allows users post their location and/or to geolocate personal information, events, entertainment, public places, or other information that affects the virtual communities and its evolution. Some versons also allow users to track each other via a map interface. This dynamic map interface aids social mapping and the development of an online community by connecting nodes of info around geospatial data. Groupings or categories of similar types of information can filtered via the map interface and its search tools. These grouping of mapped info is developed based on the predetermined goals, categories or tags of the community. Ideally, this data is used to guide interactions and focus the development of the community.

To my knowledge, the first such map that was launched was the Eco-mmunity (developed by David Grandison Jr.  for the Sundance Channel) which was launched in 2007 to allow “green” members to geolocate their homes and demonstrate it’s sustainable features, as well as, mark their favorite “green” locations.

Other map-based social networks include:

EchoEcho.me– A twist on the location-based social network because allows you to query your contacts about their locations.







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