Work + School + Fail?

striverswhiteStrivers.LA is an application designed to help students succeed.  The current product is a free digital exam and study optimization tool.  When students sign up at Strivers.LA and enter an exam date, the application generates suggested study times and sends messages to keep the student’s studying on track.  Strivers.LA exam calendars are designed to be sharable with people who can support their academic success (employers, parents, romantic partners, or roommates).  Strivers.LA gives students time management tools and involves their social networks and employer in their education.

Strivers.LA seeks to solve the problem of students’ poor time management and the difficulty of balancing work and school.  Students need time off from work and a plan for studying.  Strivers.LA messages students in advance of their exams with reminders and study tips, and gives students tools to negotiate time off.