During the 2019-20 academic year, The Learning Collective worked with the Tennessee State Board of Education to lead its board and staff members in a strategic planning and goal-setting process and to develop a new Master Plan. It was an honor to lead the process to develop the five-year direction for all Tennessee public schools representing approximately 1,000,000 students statewide!

It was an intensive, 10-month project that involved many Tennessee stakeholders. After in depth examinations of other state board of education strategic plans, in December 2019 The Learning Collective (TLC) conducted 24 interviews of 32 individuals including all TN SBE board members, an assortment of TN SBE staff members including TN SBE senior staff members and other state and community leaders. In January 2020, TLC conducted 12 interviews of national and international experts in education. TLC then led numerous brainstorming sessions with TN SBE board and staff members on various drafts of the goals. In May 2020, we presented our final version of the goals, which were officially ratified in July 2020.

We were honored to play a central role in such an important project! These are the five-year strategic goals and related one year plan for which The Learning Collective led the development.