Web 2.0 Expo Keynote with Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan at Web 2.0 Expo
Image by Benjamin Ellis via Flickr

The most recent Web 2.0 Expo in the Javits Center in Manhattan was excellent. It was an event that was not to be missed if your company was willing to shell out the fees to attend. In a recession you would think the fees for these conferences could be cut down a bit, but that is just wishful thinking because it will probably never happen.

Anyway, the event I enjoyed most was Chris Brogan’s keynote speech. Chris did a great job of breaking down some the barriers that have been erected around Social Media topics to make them very straight-forward. I thought his philosophy in relation to social media advertising campaigns was very insightful, and his insights on Twitter were were exceptional. He proposed, listening and info sharing are more important than narcissistic tweets about one’s self or one’s brand. He proposed that your “re-tweet”(RT) to tweet’s of your own of your own ratio should be about 12 to 1. Ultimately, this quote, resonated with me the most: “…what is more sad than creating electric sheep.” In other words, genuine information sharing is much more important than updating people on every mundane moment of your day.

View the video (below) of his keynote for the specifics– it is defiantly worth the 10 minutes if you are interested in social media, online marketing or web 2.0.

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